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Blue Food Dye Treats Spine Injury in Rats

The same blue food dye that gives your Gatorade its turquoise tint and turns your tongue a peculiar shade of purple might also protect your nerves in the case of spinal cord injury. By lucky accident, researchers discovered that the commonly used food additive FD&C blue dye No. 1 is remarkably simil...
  • Tulekah

    The Blue Dye in M Cures Spinal Injuries | Popular Science and turns mice blue

  • magnet

    Love this little blue guy. He is a lab rat experiment on blue food dye that is believed to help spinal cord cells regenerate. Disgusting.

  • Sarah Siddens

    Fifteen minutes after researchers intentionally paralyzed this rat by dropping a weight on its back, they injected the rodent with Brilliant Blue G dye, a derivative of common food coloring Blue Number One. The dye reduced inflammation of the spinal cord, which allowed the rats to take clumsy steps.

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