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All black german shepherd :) if I can't have an all black cat I'll get me one of these.<<<<wtf that's no ordinary "black German shepherd" that's SIRIUS F-ING BLACK RIGHT THERE


Why so Sirius? So Raise your glass if you are Ron. Pink's Raise your glass- Harry Potter style

I think people just haven't completely grasped the concept that Sirius Black is the biggest drama queen of all time

I think people just haven't completely grasped the concept that sirius black is the biggest drama queen of all time.


I wasn’t going to pin this but then i realized the horse had glasses. It's Horsey potter! :D

You are not a bad person.  You're a very good person, who bad things have happened to...  ~ Sirius Black

"We've all got both light and dark inside us."Full quote by Sirius Black from Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix

:) harry potter reference

Padfoot I told you to stay in the car! Now look at us we're going to muggle jail and how are they going to explain when suddenly the dog and deer turn into people? I am offended the anyone in the fandom would call PRONGS a DEER. He is a stag.

Lmao! Love Harry always but elijahs comment was funny to and either way if either of them gets mistaken for each other its still a compliment lol. They should be grateful that the person they are mistaken for isnt an actor no one likes.

Just Some Daniel Radcliffe For You Guys - Love the one about a tiny, drunk best friend!


The Greenman, Cernunnos /Herne the Hunter. Stag in the Mist. By Artist Unknown.

This makes my inner kid and inner dork lol


Ron and Hermione Period Meme. Too funny! (I didn't click the link because of the caption, but this one though, not really inappropriate, just hilarious)<< lol it's so true tho


Thank you for flying Air Snape. Oh wait no, I have a better pun: Snape's on a plane!