Bahahahaha, hilarious

This mom is awesome for recording this! I can't stop laughing!!

Elderly couple accidentally record themselves while trying to figure out how webcam works. I just died ♥ HOW SWEET IS THAT GUY?! This is the cutest thing ever!

omg, i cant stop laughing...seriously//Do NOT watch this if other people in your house are sleeping.

dad interrogates his baby girl about who her favorite parent is... this is the best thing i've seen in a really long time...instant happiness


She clearly did not sleep at all the night before lol One of the funniest wedding videos ever :)

This video makes me cry every single time I watch it. Its so funny!

This will be my kids. This is the best thing I have ever seen.

I seriously can't stop laughing.. REPLAY!

Proof Women are born this way!

43 People You Won't Believe Actually Exist. I can't handle this

I seriously watched this 5 times in a row. His face is priceless.

i promise this will make you double over with laughter. !

First Moon Party - YouTube

This kid is awesome!

HAHAHAHA awwwwww!

Having a bad day? Watch this pug go up the stairs. No seriously. Watch this pug go up the stairs.

READ IT!!! I almost died of laughter.