Rabbit hutch with greenroof in small backyard sustainable organic garden

Great book. For all you need to know about extensive green roofs click here: http://landarchs.com/extensive-green-roofs-essential-guide/

Thinking I might do this on top of the chicken coop!! What a great way to keep them cooler in the summer and warm in the winter!!!

Reclaimed Home: Green Low Impact Housing Renovation of New York, Brooklyn, New Jersey

Tour Of My Tiny Chicken Coop | small chicken coop | premade coop | backyard chickens | urban chickens | raising chickens in a very small backyard can be done

This may be my favorite design so far...seems like it would be easy to build and I love the green roof.

Awesome chicken coop for effortless egg extraction in a small space.

how to make a back garden without grass look green! (domino mag)

Yes! This is for me. I wanted to plant wheat in my backyard 2 yrs ago, but I got pregnant instead ;) -kss Small-Scale Grain Raising: For Backyards, Homesteads and Small Farmers

Book on urban vertical gardening. Found objects make fantastic planters. Of course, no gardening book is complete without a chicken coop. Green roofed chicken coop. Would be great on a shed too.

This rabbit hutch would be awesome as a quarantine/grow out hutch right outside the bunny barn.

This is a picture of a green roof. Green roofs are considered a green design because they retain rainwater, improve air quality by capturing pollutants, and create a nice space for people to escape to when they might be experiencing indoor related sicknesses.

chicken coop.

Donna's beautiful Tinkerhouse, love the vines climbing on it now and that wooden barrel!!! Seen here: donna reyne: On the deck, my quiet place

♥Harvest Home Farm♥: Live roof rabbit hutch or chick house...

Bike shed and log store combined with the added bonus of a green roof!

Growing fodder for chickens

Chicken coop with a garden roof. High enough to keep the pot guts out! (lil bastards eat every thing I plant outside)

If you're looking for 'how to build a rabbit hutch'? Here're 10 free plans for building your own cheap and easy bunny or rabbit hutch.

Beautiful urban landscaping taking advantage of all available space

Love the green roof. Plant some kale and then harvest for the hens.