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  • tammy maples

    Funny how things look so different when the tables are turned! At least bambi fought back this time!

  • Jamie Swearingen

    In a Parallel Universe: Human Season Lol this is funny

  • Tammi Carter

    Oh my gosh!! So funny! #animals #humor

  • Christine Case

    funny pictures about deer hunting | Funny Deer Hunting Sayings A little funny for your day

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Here's to hoping the deer gets the hunter. Paybacks a bitch. Hunters should do us all the favor and hunt each other!

funny+hunting+pictures | Uh..I don't know what happened here....use your imagination! xD

Deer Hunting HaHa ...... Every hunter needs a laugh.--So that's why we didn't get a deer this year. : )

Must be Ted Nugent. Looks like his daring do, oh wait, there's no super dooper rife that can shoot all day. Just a good old fashioned rife that you have to aim. Can't be Ted. He likes a big gun to make up for his wiener. Biddy Craft

Baiting Deer is illegal. This corn pile is intended for squirrels, chipmunks, and other such animals. Any deer found eating this corn will be shot!

true friendship... Thank God I have some of these. And, oh how I love them!

I legit just said this when a deer ran in front of our car. I said "oh deer" and now my neighbor teases me -_-

Deer feed singly or in small herds and the variety of food plot crops that can be planted is diverse. Some of the deer feeds that can be planted include: grasses, legumes, vetches, soybeans, peas, and herbs to name a few. More at an informational site by