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Here's to hoping the deer gets the hunter. Paybacks a bitch. Hunters should do us all the favor and hunt each other!

funny+hunting+pictures | Uh..I don't know what happened here....use your imagination! xD

Deer Hunting HaHa ...... Every hunter needs a laugh.--So that's why we didn't get a deer this year. : )

Must be Ted Nugent. Looks like his daring do, oh wait, there's no super dooper rife that can shoot all day. Just a good old fashioned rife that you have to aim. Can't be Ted. He likes a big gun to make up for his wiener. Biddy Craft

Deer Funny...#Hunting. LMAO!

true friendship... Thank God I have some of these. And, oh how I love them!

I legit just said this when a deer ran in front of our car. I said "oh deer" and now my neighbor teases me -_-