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I grew up in a house with gorgeous tea things. To this day, a teapot or a tea cup will catch my eye and they have the power to make my heart swoon. The innocence of a cup of tea during a hard day is like a gentle friend comforting me. A pretty little cup containing warm tea is the perfect thing to let me know everything is wonderful! 1/2/2012

Freshly brewed tea contains moderate amount of caffeine which when used 'judiciously' can boost brain power by enhancing memory, focus and mood. It also contains catechines, a powerful class of antioxidants which promote healthy blood flow.

(Open w/ Madeline) I stare at my tea cup. My hand was shaking. I was still shaken by my encounter with Patrick. I hold my hand and try to make the shaking stop. I remembered how he smiled after... I shake my head to stop the memorie. I pick up my cup and sip it."Madeline?" I hear someone say and I drop my cup. It shatters as it falls to the floor."O-oh my" I say and look at my hands."I-I'm sorry" I say

smile and breathefrom smile and breathe

Tea Time

A hot cup of tea in the morning... #teatime