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  • Kimberly Fink

    Karate vs. Crazy - True story!

  • Finley Pollinger

    This made me laugh! Ive got a black belt in CrAzY!!

  • Danielle Rogers-Callahan

    Ive got a black belt in CrAzY!! funny stuff...

  • Caroline Parris

    haha Funny thing is, I DO know karate and I DO know crazy, so therefore I'm a double threat. :)

  • Heather Fair-Erbele

    I've got a black belt in CRAZY! ( this made me chuckle as I'm sitting at Drew's Karate class... Also Drew's music teacher ties pieces of colored yarn to their recorders for "recorder karate" I'm kind of inspired to carry around pieces of colored fabric to hand out to people.... You have a green belt in uselessness .... Congratulations on your brown belt in bitchy!"

  • Amazing Adornments

    James Brown Sang the words, I don't know karate, but I know crazy in the song the Big Payback...the rest???

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