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I don't always act like a bitch, but when I do, I'm the lead float in the Bitch Parade. | Somewhat Topical Ecard

Since you know it all. You should also know when to shut the fuck up. | Confession Ecard |


You can only say it so many times…


Bitch, if you ran your ass as much as you run your mouth, you wouldn't be so fat. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! YES!!!

Funny Friendship Ecard: Let me know when you're able to emotionally process me calling you out on your bullshit... I'll be here.

Your fantasy is to have a threesome? Well, my fantasy is to have an orgasm. Let's work on that one first. true!

I want to make everything on Pinterest. Unless it has more than 5 steps. Ain't nobody got time for that