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brotip haha

Brotip - don’t hate on bros who make “kitchen” jokes. they’ve never had a girlfriend, so they don’t know any better.

Phoenicians might could use this advice

I hate when someone compliments you and then sits there waiting for you to compliment back.


Brotip - if it's not working out, make it work out, bro. don't be afraid to take control of the situation.


Brotip - the risks of breaking out of your comfort zone aren't nearly as bad as the risks of staying in it your whole life.


brotip if you ever need some motivation, play the song from "rocky" while you do everyday things.

Even listen to pandora in the bathroom if I want....

And it just keeps coming. Permanent toilet indentation on bottom. And yes, I have used 3 rolls of toilet paper in one night.