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Keep Calm and Eat Ramen Noodles

don't stop get it get it -- Go after your dreams!

They forgot to add "and I facebooked it too." HA...did they write this for me. My name is Jo. I am a blogaholic...

Chris Rock’s love for animation…

What The Food We Eat Might Say About Our Economic Situation

I seriously really want this sweatshirt. Like, no joke. I really want it.

would love to see that happen... if only we could vote for this instead of them voting for their own raise.

Hahahahaha I needed this!!.. but I did this so many time Anthony bought me one that has auto shut off..

Hand painted rock owls: paint with black and white acrylic ink and seal with a matte varnish to provide protection from the elements.

Meet The Manufacturer: Interview With Nissin Foods USA - Makers of Top Ramen & Cup Noodles & More

Found the i in team - LOL love it! I teach lettering and the kids always see an i in the A!!