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  • Anne Argo Pritchard

    Gina....Gina....Gina.....If I've told you once I've told you a million times...hang the clothes out to dry WITHOUT the kids still in them!

  • Christina Sterling

    tape the kids to a wall {or make it look that way} from CampClem blog- FUN kid pic

  • CampClem

    Li'l Bro Tapes His Siblings To The Wall

  • CampClem

    I photographed li'l sis & big bro lying on the floor on a black sheet (with painter's tape), then I photographed li'l bro against the black sheet (taped to the wall and draped down to stand on too); then I cut&pasted the photos together... MISCHIEF!

  • Jenny Arnold

    Kids photo

  • Laurie Maddex

    Mom and Dad, here's an idea to help you with bedtime tonight. Thanks for our night out!

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