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cookie monster cupcakes -- nailed it!

Nailed it.

Pin Nailed It. Failed It. So I’ve been wanting to make cake pops. But, mine didn’t turn out. So instead I modeled this pin attempt to the Cookie Monster Cupcake pin. My cake pop attempts are on.

This panda bear cupcake that will give you nightmares forever. #PinterestFail #buzzfeed

31 Foods That Failed So Hard They Almost Won In 2014

Holy cow these are funny!!!

35 Most Pitiful (and Hilarious) Pinterest Food Fails

Sadly, this is my life. You should have seen my banana "ice cream" turned out.

All the time

This happened to me once at chef school. except there was chocolate everywhere. It was a chocolate bomb. and the pasty kitchen was covered in chocolate

Tis the season for unrealistic expectations. LOL.

Holiday Expectations vs. Reality

Funny pictures about Holiday Expectations vs. Oh, and cool pics about Holiday Expectations vs. Also, Holiday Expectations vs.

Yea Harry can fight giant robots with magic but he missed and had a few cities grow feet and move. Um yea

Oh gosh the transformer xD xD But there is something right. canada is from America, America isn't just USA, America is our continent. That's why the bottle says "american pride"

When I clicked this, I thought it was in /r/cringepics. Turns out it was in /r/funny. - Imgur

When I clicked this, I thought it was in /r/cringepics. Turns out it was in /r/funny.

Pretty girls making ugly faces. Some of these make me laugh so hard!

Rent due

Funny pictures about Romantic Surprise. Oh, and cool pics about Romantic Surprise. Also, Romantic Surprise.