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Vermilion cardinal(photo by felixus) He seems to be very curious about having his photo taken.

An eloquent photo

Love dogs :-) ♥

The day this orphaned kitten pushed his stepbrother around in a tiny, kitten-sized shopping cart

Paul Newman y Clint Eastwood

doxie's have the heart of a lion, no wonder they are good friends, cute!

when missing your person, find the next closest thing... stuff that smells exactly like them.


Sleeping Fox & Friend

Love him


baby owl

Desert Cardinal - absolutely gorgeous!

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog/ good dogs to have on big land. good with family

This is beautiful!

American Indian

robert duvall and tommy lee jones

Penguins, love penguins.

penguin love

No time to explain...

Happy birthday!

Alexandria’s Genesis, also known as ”violet eyes” (a mutation). When someone is born with Alexandria’s Genesis, his eyes are blue or gray at birth.After six months, the eyes begin to change their original color to purple, and it lasts six months. During puberty, the color deepens to dark purple, a purple color, a royal purple, or blue-violet and remains so. It does not affect a person’s vision. Women that are born with this genetic mutation do not menstruate, but are fully fertile.


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