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    Pin-(group)-Therapy. ♥ this is a 12-step process... Results not guaranteed. (c'mon, laugh a little...)

    LMAO for sure.

    Pinterest: my newest bad habit. OMG, how I love it.

    I love having people re-pin my pins. I'm a TRUE *Pinterest Addict* #pinaholic #pinterest #pinterestaddict


    I have a pinterest problem..

    i had to put this on here. it's so true!

    Amazing how Pinterest can suck you in, isn't it? :)

    But I can't sleep... Lol

    All about a waste of time

    So true...there ought to be a self help group for Pinterest Addicts LOL @Alberta Love

    So very true

    LOL! Guilty!

    nEED to SLeep!

    The Secret to Humor

    ...don't laugh

    haha story of my life

    I ran into a large banana spider web which wrapped around my head, trapping the spider on my face. Oh yes, I was a karate master!