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    In his final years, Chief Joseph spoke eloquently against the injustices of U.S. Government policies and racial discrimination against Indigenous peoples and he held out hope that America's promise of freedom and equality would one day be fulfilled for Native Americans as well. His famous saying: "I will fight no more, forever".

    Quanah Parker, Comanche Indian Chief. The Comanche are a Plains Indian tribe whose historic territory, known as Comancheria, consisted of present day eastern New Mexico, southern Colorado, northeastern Arizona, southern Kansas, all of Oklahoma, and most of northwest Texas.

    Native Americans

    Cochise, Apache leader

    Native American Indian Ch..This young man has a "Porky Roach," on his head. It is short for "porcupine" roach, common in most pow wow male dancers. It is an important part of their dance regalia, especially the Grass dancers. Fancy dancers wear them too, but a lot of times they wear the large headress, instead, depending on their costume.

    Sacajawea native American

    Potawatomi - 1909 The Potawatomi are a Native American people of the upper Mississippi River region. In the Potawatomi language, they generally call themselves Bodéwadmi, a name that means "keepers of the fire.

    Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa-Lakota by James Ayers

    For centuries humans have feared wolves, even persecuting them until near-extinction, which begs the questions why are wolves so scary? Find out the myths and facts behind this fear.

    Chief Charlo and granddaughter western Montana 1940



    Love American Indians

    The Lord's Prayer in Cherokee....

    Brooke Medicine Eagle... Her Vision and Teachings Have Gifted Many to Rediscover With Pride Our First Nation's Heritage and Walk the Good Red Road to Become Empowered as the Women and Healers We Were Born to Be...Mi Takuye Oyasin...Aho...

    Pretty Shield (1856–1944) was a medicine woman of the Crow Nation. Her autobiography was written with the help of Frank B. Linderman, who interviewed her using an interpreter and sign language. This book was perhaps the first record of the women’s side of Native American life. The Pretty Shield Foundation is named in her honor.

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    Ellison Brown (aka Tarzan Brown) - Narragansett - 1939 {Note: Ellison Brown was a 1936 U.S. Olympian runner and a two-time winner of the Boston Marathon in 1936, and 1939. In 1973, he was inducted into the American Indian Athlectic Hall of Fame, shortly before his death in 1975.}

    Choctaw clothes

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    It's time Indians tell the world what we know . . about Nature and about God. So I'm going to tell what I know and who I am. You better listen. You've got a lot to learn. -Chief Noble Red Man (Mathew King)

    The Elders say Native American women will lead the healing among the tribes. We need to pray for our women and ask the Creator to bless them and give them strength. Inside them are the powers of love and strength given by the Moon and the Earth. When everyone else gives up, it is the women who sing the songs of strength. She is the backbone of the people. So, to our women we say, sing your songs of strength; pray for your special powers; keep our people strong; be respectful, gentle, and modest.