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  • Terry Barron Rich

    Arms full of books and that long walk home from school.. way before backpacks.

  • Jeanine Hagerman

    Arm loads of books and that long walk home from school before book back-packs came in .Sometimes a boy would carry a girl's books!.

  • fern montgomery

    armloads of books and that long walk home from school before book backpacks came in

  • Brent

    1969, college girls, 60s

  • Annaka Saari

    College girls on their first day of school, 1960s

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1969 What I wore to could not...I repeat NOT wear pants if you were a girl.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.the great 50's ~~ I had to wear them as a kid in the 60's. not because they were in style any more, but because they were "corrective shoes" for flat feet! ~~GG

The only time I could talk to my friends during class was when getting out a book from the under desk shelf.

Mama always sent me to school with a can of Snack Pack Pudding.

We couldn't wait to get the Sears Christmas Book every year...We played "circle what you want"

Remember these.., got at least one of these every year along with the giant candy cane stick.

I don't know which I love more, the record player or the Rudolph record! This is what i got when i asked for a "stereo"!

The abanonded school in Kanona Kansas. Words can not even begin to describe this Ghost Town... [nice flickr set]

Sears dad kept these. Us girls would go through it page by page, circling everything we wanted for Christmas.

school dress ... girls could not wear pants - I had numerous dresses that looked just like this.

1969. It's like a cardboard cut out! Props!