College girls 1st day of school. Kansas, 1969.

Homework... WITH BOOKS ~ no google or wikipedia

Shorthand was taught in school.I actually used in in my first couple jobs.

Remember lining up to get vaccinated at school?

Square dancing in gym class

High school 70's style.

barnabas Collins I rushed home from school to watch it.

Vintage photo booth. Fun times!

I absolutely loved <3 & I soooo miss the good old days... every morning we all stood and said our morning prayers and recited the Pledge of Allegiance it just always started our day out on the right track was a time when things were done the right way !

Remember when

I went to Catholic school back when the mass was in Latin and nuns were our teachers.

We had this in the lounge (we called it the dining room, though we never ate there)

Passing Notes In Class!...

Mailbox on most corners

Hop Scotch. i played for hours with my girlfriends

School Safety Patrol -i'm proud to say i wore the belt

Book covers always looked forward to doing this before school started!

Gold stars - this was a real thing at my house. We had a chart and everything. My friends did at their houses too and we also had them at school. I was a big gold star over-achiever. I have no clue what the other colors were for - they did not exist in my world!

School gym suit

Address book. Haven't seen one of these in years. I know someone had one because I remember playing with it.

Book Orders