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  • Ava F.

    Water spout ... when a tornado forms over a body of water it becomes a water spout. I've seen one of these over Folly Beach onetime!! It was cool but not as dark clouds!!!

  • Marilyn Gregory

    A 'waterspout' is one of the weakest tornado there is.; fire devil, dust bowl, funnel cloud, tornado family, and last but not least,(Actually it is least!) a waterspout. by ruby

  • Jon

    Water spout aka Tornado in the sea

  • Stacia Grable

    Water Spout and a Wave mother nature is in charge here

  • Tisha Powers (Plummer)

    Tornado over the ocean | (10 Beautiful Photos)

  • Hope Schiwitz

    Water Spout and a Wave <- saw this beach camping a couple years ago, there were 3 water spouts, it was so cool! Shows how awesome our God is!

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waterspout - saw one of these once, off the coast of Naples, FL. Was preetty impressive!last year!

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oh my goodness..this is scary