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    5 STRETCHES THAT WILL MAKE YOU A FASTER RUNNER. Whether you're a newbie runner who has just strapped on her brand-new sneaks or a seasoned, PR-ing pro, there's always room to get a little bit faster, right? We nabbed an exclusive performance-boosting routine designed specifically to improve flexibility, strength and speed.

    The Runner's Diet. EXTREMELY good info for all you beginning runners out there. It helped me out immensely.

    If You Only Do 10 Yoga Poses, Do These Malasana (Yoga Squat) This pose is a squatting position with toes out, the heels in, and the hands at prayer position in front of the chest. It's great for pregnant women, as it stretches the calves, inner thighs, relieves back ache and opens the pubic symphysis in the the pelvis

    8 Minute Yoga Routine for Right Before Bed


    According to a recently published study runners who did these moves four times a week shaved a minute off their 5K times in six weeks. Whether you are training for an endurance run or just looking to improve the quality of your weekly job these ab moves are a must.

    five post-run poses for better recovery

    Build Strength and Flexibility: Yoga Sequence for Runners

    26 Amazing Benefits Of Yoga:

    stretches to relieve tight hips and lower back pain.

    10 Effective Power Yoga Workouts To Reduce Weight Fast

    5 stretches that will make you a faster runner.

    Yoga for cyclists. #yoga #cycling #cyclists

    stretches runners should do daily

    Yoga before Bed Trying to make this part of my routine.

    Great yoga routines for the back. Lovely way to start the day!

    want a butt!? nice back?! arms?! this website tells you what exercises to do to target these areas" pin now read later

    8 Rules and recipes for runners wanting to lose weight, not just maintain. These are great suggestions for anyone!! - not just runners. :):)

    Love these ribbed leggings | Yoga gear

    Who doesn't want great legs!