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Stitch Tutorial | Duplicate Stitch

▶ Duplicate Stitch Video - YouTube

knitted duplicate stitch

how to: Duplicate Stitch

#Knitting/Crochet_Stitches - "This decoration for knitted projects looks like #Latvian_Knitting, but is really just crocheted slip stitches made into a knitted foundation. It's really easy to do and is a very effective way to add design interest to your knitting." Enjoy your knitting and crochet from #KnittingGuru

Embroidery knitting masterclass part 2 by Jane Crowfoot. Three key stitches you can use to embellish your work: Running Stitch, Threaded Running Stitch and Whipped Running Stitch.

Duplicate Stitch

how to KNIT INTO THE STITCH BELOW (foundation for brioche stitch and many other patterns)

How to Fix a Pulled Stitch

Twilled Stripe Stitch | The Weekly Stitch

An easy method to pick up and knit stitches along a garter stitch edge. http://mercedesknits.com/2012/02/01/tutorial-how-to-pick-up-on-garter-stitch-edge/

Star Stitch

Ravelry: Garter Stitch Baby Kimono pattern by Joji Locatelli. Free Baby knitting pattern.

Duplicate stitch (also known as Swiss darning) is a useful technique for adding a surface design onto an already knitted piece

Cross Stitch knitting

Purllin: December Seed Stitch Infinity Circle Scarf ... a nice, quick project for a cold winter's weekend!

How To Do Mattress Stitch: Horizontal Seams

What a cool crochet stitch pattern to use!

honeycomb knit stitch

Loom Knit Stitches . List of FREE Patterns with video Tutorials updated every month with a new Loom knitting stitch pattern.

Crochet slip stitch through a YO edging for a two color edge!