paint can drumset...lots of great kid instrument ideas in this post!

Drum Set

Cereal box guitars. We MUST make these this summer!

homemade musical instruments

This is genius... Portable roads that are easy for kids to put together and will travel easily, made out of old denim and yellow paint; velcro helps them stick to carpet. So gonna have this in my office!!!


DIY Drums for Kids - in that imaginary future when I have the time to make crafts, I'm totally making one of these. Love that middle one.

Coffee Can Drum, try with folders plastic can because it has a large handle on the side. Maybe this could be good enough to use in the music therapy program?

Homemade Musical Instruments

DIY Ball Maze by ahappywanderer #DIY #Kids #Toys #Ball_Maze

A super cheap and super easy diy drum. The possibilities with this one are infinite! Try having your kids decorate a piece of card stock then use spray adhesive to attach it to the coffee can to make it even more creative!

Homemade outdoor musical instruments!

It's a chair AND a musical instrument!

Lots of homemade musical instruments including this pot bell!

cool diy guitar + musical instruments for kids

Place a tarp under or at the bottom of slide, set up sprinkler to keep slide and tarp wet...hours of water fun!

DIY foldaway tents

DIY Kids Jetpack