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Pink mask picture for: anything goes 2 photography contest - Pxleyes ...

I dreamt I was trapped in a horrible underground maze, my only companion was a big black dog, it kept me alive...the midgets with razor blades wanted to cut my throat everytime I would start to fall asleep....the dog would bite my hand to keep me awake. It was weird.

'Masks hide the façade we present to the world allowing us to reveal our inner selves' ~ Adelaide Grimm.

Masquerade - Venice is Sinking, March 1

Carnival in Venice. Going to Venice is already on my bucket list, might as well throw carnival in too

The truth is always more likely to come from behind a mask. ~Unknown Art: Winter Wolf by Girl Tripped

Life is strange theatre. Mask recommended.

"You're thinking of a number between one and seven. My party masks helps me read minds."

♥•♥•♥ I love a mask and a Cosmo.........

Masquerade - reminds me of As the World Falls Down: There's such a sad love Deep in your eyes. A kind of pale jewel Open and closed Within your eyes. I'll place the sky Within your eyes.

Masks allow members from all classes of society to party together under the veil of anonymity. Italian masquerade has several typical masks. The Bauta is the most common and covers the upper face, nose and cheeks while allowing the wearer to eat, drink and speak freely. The Bauta was used in both Carnival and everyday life