number recognition - ladybird dice game

Learning and Teaching With Preschoolers: Ladybug Dice Game for GARDENS. laminate, use black pom poms w/ tweezers or make felt circles (paper circles would not be durable enough for reuse

The Activity Mom: Number Towers...what an easy number recognition and ordering activity!!! @

The Activity Mom: Number Towers.what an easy number recognition and ordering activity! Could be done for teen numbers or crossing the decades (tens) etc.

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have child color letter all black, then draw or paint white lines, then color in a paper car and drive it down the number street! great for number recognition and formation.

Peep themed number recognition pack.  Composing numbers 1-10

Bunny Peeps Number Recognition 1-10 Composing Numbers

This pack includes bunny peeps themed worksheets to practice number recogntion, writing numbers, and composing numbers to ten.