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Completely Worth

WOW LOVE IT !!!!Love it! Just read it, I will not argue with those who have no faith.

Einsteins Riddle

Green House

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einsteins-riddle pin now figure this out later when i have scrap paper and alcohol

Whoa True

Sooo True

True Dat


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You Just Realized...

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Amen Truth

true story

God Gains

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. . . the one who walks with God gains EveryLastingLife!

Light Hearts and Deep Thoughts

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Dear God

Gods Word Is Truth

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god says

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People Lots

This is worth the read

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Finding Pennies


Daddy In Heaven Quotes

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Miss My Grandpa

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Missing Grandma In Heaven

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Quotes For Dad

A penny from heaven <3 Ill never pass up a penny on the ground!

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Life advice

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Life advice



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:) true.

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Emergency Numbers. Amazing.

Physically Hurt

Chemical Reactions

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Don T Ignore

Being Ignored Hurts

The Brain

Brain Power

Explains a lot!

Totally Worried

Worried God

Signed Jesus

My Job

Don T Worry

Worry He'S

Worry Trust

Remember This


thank you jesus



Thank You Lord

Thank You So Much

Dear Lord

Thank You For Being There For Me

Be Grateful

Thankful 3

Thankful Everyday


Godly Marriage

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Love Marriage

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Christ Centered Relationship

Successful Marriage

Lovable Marriage

No Relationship Is Perfect

Faith Based Marriage


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Salvation through Jesus who died to take away all our sins - Thanks!

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Some relationships are just worth it!

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Husband Fiancé

praying for your husband