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Hillary Clinton wrote to NASA as a child, inquiring how to become an astronaut....

And when she's president, she best be gettin' an official apology from the agency she is technically in charge of.

Women to Watch | Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Also, sorry, but the hottest 1st lady in my lifetime. She's far from unattractive, even now at 65... Barbara Bush, otoh...omg....can you say fugly?

Take criticism seriously, but not personally. If there is truth or merit in the criticism, try to learn from it. Otherwise, let it roll right off you. -- Hillary Clinton

This may be stated a bit defensively, but it's true. I've both criticized, and have been criticized. It didn't do either of us any good. We gained nothing but shame and sorrow. Judging is a form of social conditioning that we should rid ourselves of. There is no value in it. Only regret.

Well, she seemed to do well as Secretary of State, why not!

"As a child, Hillary Clinton wrote to NASA inquiring on how to become an astronaut - NASA replied saying girls could not be astronauts. "

  • The Real WonderWoman

    So, did she sell the space program? Lol.

  • Shaun Renee

    And she became Secretary of State

  • Reese C.

    She became Sec. of State because she stayed with a man merely for political gain! How many other people became Sec. of State holding no other political office prior?

Public Domain: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as a Child

Sometimes I see myself In Hillary Cilnton

Hillary R. Clinton, Future Commander in Chief.