psychologie de la couleur, à prendre à petite dose

Color Combinations - for those of us who are bad at selecting colors that go together

Front door color

The Psychology of Color - Before picking a color for your business logo and image, know the meanings behind each color. What emotional message do you want to send to your customers? And does that color match what your business is representing or offering? Pick you do not want to send the wrong message!

very interesting. the psychology of a happy home.

Need help choosing your color? Use this nifty Fermob furniture color guide!

Feng Shui

color emotion meanings

love this palette

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Color combinations.

Fonts & Colors That Drive the World’s Top Brands


Free Paint App .download pic of your room and preview color before you buy! This is genius!!

turquoise and coral. Fun colors!!


The psychology of color means different colors have different effects on people. This makes color a vital factor in your branding. Learn to optimize it!