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The New New Girl oh lord help me and my sense of humor... Forgive me I am a horrible person.... Hahaha screw it I'm funny!!!!


Are you even trying, Universe?


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"...that's a $26,99 Hot Dog, with Spun Ketchup Foam", Funny Pictures Of The Day - 45 Pics


Who is fairest?

"Seriously, still can't believe they chose Kristen Stewart for this. They do realise who they have as the villain, right? This is tresor dior theron. Miss Stewart hasn't a prayer" as very well said by the previous pinner I think Jenna Coleman would have made an amazing Snow White.


The Cost Of Health In America

Average cost of a hip replacement in the US. It's sad, but this little ditty made me laugh hahah. Sounds like a good trip to me, minus the whole hip replacement thing :)

Super heroes humor, or not! Funny Pictures Of The Day – 40 Pics

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 75 Pics

This is so true. This is totally me talking to my nephews, I do really awesome and funny stuff and they just look at me and call me a nerd, then get on their phone! :Z