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We Could All Use Some Good Feels This Week

life, I love this. I know a few people who think having the best of the best makes them happy, and they forget to live life. And they show to be happy, but truth is they aren't. They care to much what others will think. Make a life not a fake.

Si los personajes de plaza sésamo hubieran tenido hijos...

LDS Missionaries trying to talk to people in South Africa! Hahaha I can't stop laughing!

she left pieces of her life behind here everywhere she went // it's easier to feel the sunlight without them she said

Laziest Thing You've Ever Done. Equal parts genius, hilarious and gross. YES.

A Very Polite Way To Curse Someone

Oh my, SO TRUE. phone up, cool ranch, xbox, apple, nike, hat on the left, verizon, monster? COKE. FANTA. digital, call of duty? (: LOL

you read them and there funny, but then when you think back to what you just read you could probably die of laughter

Very much so. Can't explain it or put it into words how you make me feel and how in love with you I am.

The person who sends snapchats like this: | 32 People You Wish You Had As A Best Friend Jordan Walker hahahah