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Why am I just now seeing this? A few drops of alcphol in broken make up will fix it.

how to save broken powders, eyeshadows, etc. Drip a few drops of alcohol onto broken powder, make into a paste and smear till its flat let dry overnight.

How to fix broken and cracked makeup.

How to fix broken makeup – Pinterest WIN!

How to fix broken makeup - Pour a few teaspoons of rubbing alcohol over the cracked make-up. Stir and break up the chunks until all the makeup is dissolved. Set out on a flat surface overnight. The alcohol dries up and you’re left with fresh makeup.

How to repair your cracked pressed eyeshadow or powder!

Rue How-To: Repair Your Cracked Pressed Powder

When your powder cosmetics are broken into 5 million pieces, you can always put them in a small container and use as a loose shadow, but you DO have the option of fixing the products so it’s almost as good as new.    It’s easy! I mean it! You’ll thank me!

How to fix broken powder cosmetics. Simply crush the broken powder into a small bowl then mix a small amount of rubbing alcohol until your form a paste. Then you just transfer the paste back into your cosmetic container (: magic!

Every girl should know how to do this! Fix your broken blush or powders

Turn cracked makeup into a loose powder version of same product. May need to use a different container depending on what size container held the broken makeup. OR Use a little rubbing alcohol to make cracked makeup good as new!

How to restore a shattered compact!  Man, wish I'd seen this after dropping my Estée Lauder bronzer... I just kept making a mess with it ;)


too handy. definitely need this trick! DIY Makeup Fixer Upper by thebeautydepartment: Who knew you could fix your fractured pressed powder?

awesome makeup tutorials!

Classy Cosmetics: Tutorial using NAKED eye palette and much more. Great beginner tutorial and very thorough

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How to fix broken eyeshadow by adding rubbing alcohol. Also works for blush, bronzer, foundation, etc.

Beauty Trick: Broken Eye Shadow Quick Fix

How to fix broken makeup. Fix your broken eyeshadow by adding rubbing alcohol. Also works for blush, bronzer, foundation, etc.

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makeup tricks to make your eyes look bigger, makeup tutorial.not that i don't have big eyes as it is.

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