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10 Creative DIY Halloween Costumes for Adults that Aren't Slutty

Halloween is my favorite holiday. There are so few days of the year that it is socially acceptable to wear a costume and drink too much. Unfortunately, in the past few years, instead of a fun, creepy, creative holiday, it has become an excuse for...

from Lucy Darling

Blooming Mobiles

Mobiles are one of the best parts of nursery decor, in my opinion. I mean, if it was socially acceptable, I'd probably find a reason to have one in every room of my house ;). There are countless styles and options, but one of my favorites has always been flower wreaths for above a little girl's crib.     The best part about them is that they'd be super easy to make yourself! You'd just need these supplies (all easily found at your local craft store): -Foam wreath (or wire, or branch - just…

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Which Spice Girl Are You?

"Posh! I mean, let's be real: you always kinda believed you were above all this pop star rubbish, and no one could blame you. You obviously love material goods, but what people tend to overlook is that you've got a big heart and are a loyal friend." - Ginger was my favorite, but I knew I'd get Posh. Incidentally, is it socially acceptable to still call them by their old nicknames?

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Community Post: 16 Socially Acceptable Places To Cry This Valentine's Day

All my single ladies...16 Socially Acceptable Places To Cry This Valentine's Day. Number 14 is my favorite.