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    Five facts about reading.

    The relationship between josh



    are you sure...

    Interviewing The Beatles.

    TV logic...

    This is SOO what my parents tell me, but I like my book characters more.

    Nerd Quirk #212

    I bet you're fun at parties


    Being an adult is overrated.

    "Tolkien confessed that 1/3rd of the way through The Fellowship of the Ring some ruffian named Strider confronted the hobbits in an inn, & Tolkien was in despair. He didn’t know who Strider was, where the book was going, or what to write next. Strider turns out to be no lesser person than Aragorn, the unrecognized & uncrowned king of all the forces of good, whose restoration to rule is, along with the destruction of the evil ring, the engine that moves the plot of the whole massive trilogy."

    "Boy Meets World" This is what it means to be bestfriends

    Random Highjinx

    "Wear a jacket." "You wear a jacket!" (The witty repartee of the smartest man in London.)


    The Hunger Games

    Don't worry, it's OK...

    If you don’t understand this, your childhood was a waste of time.

    Supernatural Salt & Burn Necklace

    This is fantastic

    I sure wish I had Middle-earth math teachers like these...I WILL NEVER STOP PINNING THIS! LOL :D