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▶ Zoochosis Presents: Escalator - YouTube


Don’t go out there swimming, you could get wet…

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I would go back to high school, just to do this at practice. Side note, someone really must have just cleaned the pool; it looks really clean

Design You Trust. Design, Culture & Society.from Design You Trust. Design, Culture & Society.

The Simpsons Alphabet by Mike Boon

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The Athlete Machine - Red Bull Kluge - YouTube

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Amazing mind reader reveals his 'gift' :)

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Sweeping Girls Off Their Feet! COOLEST THING EVER!! This for real needs to be a thing! This is the perfect "pickup line"!!

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David Lewandowski

late for meeting

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▶ Show Your Joe - YouTube

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Funny Commercials – Our Blades Are F***ing Great. As their ad clips.

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▶ @evian UK Roller Babies ad clip: international version | #evian #video #advertising #marketing

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Publicidade assustadora -

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La Pire Haleine du Monde

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Gefunden vom @Nico Kunkel: "@Leo Burnett inszeniert die Rivalität zwischen Print und Digital humorvoll für die französische Toilettenpapiermarke Le Trèfle. ... Doch am Ende bekommt er die Grenzen seines Gadgets aufgezeigt."

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Venganza al periodista Test Drive

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Emotional baby! Too cute!

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Έτσι θα ήταν τα άγρια ζώα εάν έτρωγαν… fast food! (video) -