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    blast from the past! a #socialmedia for pro use presentation I did with my partner Tara Agacayak in 2009


    Social media - The why - Advertising, Branding, Marketing - Media Panther Blog #infographic (pinned by @lovile)

    5 Social Media Trends to watch in 2012

    Which Social Network Should You Use — and When?

    basics of #personalbranding with social media and how to showcase yourself best on the web

    The Future of C-Suite Social Engagement #infographic #infografik cofounder Tara Agacayak talks about the importance of social media in your web #platform and encourages you to take part in the "great big experiment" of the world wide web in this video clip edited from a live workshop.

    Social Media Strategy Blueprint from : The destination, know your audience, your story, the landscape, chart your course, content mix, media mix.

    Fascinate by Sally Hogshead. "A brand personality are the combined characteristics that are silently telegraphed to your audience through color, copy, design, tag lines, media, message, graphics, etc. Also colored by customer interactions with the business staff, product or service... also refers to one-on-one interactions. In this age of social media interaction, we’re all creating our personal brand intentionally or unintentionally."

    A #global #microbrand is basically what #creative #entrepreneurs are creating...Graphic Guide: How to Build a Global Microbrand using Social Media by

    How to Use #Twitter for Beginners

    What are you looking for and where can you find it? The best places to discover new things on the web.

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    The best book out there on how to engage an audience with your presentation (I agree) from John Serpa onto to Books

    Anastasia Ashman writing in 2009: " #Socialmedia #networking is something you can do long before you have something 'to sell' -- in fact, 3 years in advance of a product is the period I hear from the kind of people whose book goes straight to the top of bestseller lists. It takes that long to get a meaningful network in place before you really 'need' it. Building #trust, #credibility, presenting yourself authentically, being generous and helpful. That takes time."