RotBTD: Sherlock Holmes

Mr. Holmes.

Oh my gosh me too!

They did other things...

SherLock Holmes. WANT.

LOL this is the best thing ever!


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The thing is...I saw this before I watched Sherlock and I didn't think it was funny. Now I've come across it again after I've seen all of Sherlock and I am dying right now, that's totally what happened.

I can relate to that girl... poor thing

Sherlock Holmes

Toothless and hiccup Sherlock Holmes :)

I'd love to see the Sherlock Holmes novels turned into a children's book like this


Sherlocks and their Watsons


Sherlock Holmes, James T. Kirk, Shaun Of The Dead, And Spock All Walk Into A Bar

when one of your favorite characters die

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