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  • Carrie Pons

    RotBTD: Sherlock Holmes. Insanely creative!

  • claudia daigle

    RotBTD: Sherlock Holmes - YouTube. Ok other than the voices an not enough of the girls this is pretty dang awsome!!!!

  • Emily Krajci

    RotBTD: Sherlock Holmes - YouTube. OH MY GOSH THIS THE THE MOST EPIC THING EVER. WATCH IT. NOOOOWWWWW<--Me: BAHA This is the most corniest thing ever! HAAHA

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Ok, this just takes me back to the "Batman Brave and the Bold" episode where he mets Sherlock Holmes. Sure, he didn't do that, but it brings me back.

meanwhile... And pretty soon Sherlock will be joining John in the adventure through Middle Earth as a dragon!! :D

Oh my god! where do I pin this?! My Sherlock board or my Supernatural board?? geek pond it is

Which Version Of Sherlock Holmes Is Your Favorite? - I'm a proud Johnlocked Sherlokian, but I have a soft spot for RDJ Sherlock Holmes too. I think it's called Jude Law as John Watson.

Harry Potter, Supernatural, Doctor Who, & Sherlock.....I think I just had a fangirl attack

Toothless and hiccup Sherlock Holmes :)

I honestly don't get why so many Sherlockians hate Elementary so much. It is an exemplary and outstanding TV show and a worthy adaptation of Sherlock. The whole point of fandoms is open-mindedness and acceptance. If we can accept crossovers, cameos, AU's, fanfic, fan art, canon and more, we can accept an American-based Sherlock with a female Watson and a young, transgender Mrs. Hudson. We have enough people hating us on the outside, we don't need it on the inside. It's not like we're Beliebers.

"Actually" How God designed our bodies so differently- male and female. He is amazing! thanks, bones. Let's be educated!

i may have cried at this... (*WHAT?!?!?! I'm not sure I can re-watch this episode to see for myself!)