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extra minutes.

"I finally figured out my body type. Its hourglass with extra minutes." Love yourself for who you are!

Answer the phone!

My freaking dilemma every time my sister or mom or dad doesn't answer there phones.

These geeks show why every homeowner should have a lawn dinosaur.

Dug the T-Rex. these people have a t rex as a lawn ornament and dress him up for holidays. this is the most unbelievably EPIC thing i've ever seen.// I WANT A LAWN T-REX!

Here's to saving all our Weight Watchers Points for Happy Hour!

26 WW Points a day = 5 drinks. After not eating all day, that's all it will take.

Chris Farley at his all time best!  Matt Foley!!!

in a VAN down by the RIVER! Funny because I really do have a man that lives in his van down by the river!