• Pam Plummer

    Grow green onions on your window sill! From the roots of those purchased from the store!

  • Amanda Lee

    HOW TO REGROW GREEN ONIONS: I chopped off some scallions and stuck them root-down in a Mason jar above my sink. I topped off the water once or twice when I saw that it had mostly evaporated, but other than that I did nothing. To my surprise, these grew fast. Within a day or two there was fresh growth, and within a week they had 3 to 4 inches of fresh green onion on top. (The before photo is actually after I cut them for the second time, and I originally chopped them off even shorter.)

  • Alda Mac

    Did You Know? 18 of Our Smartest, Most Surprising Kitchen Tips Cookings Tips from The Kitchn | The Kitchn

  • Lorna Manley

    re growing onions

  • Jules Luca

    16 Foods To Re-Grow From Kitchen Scraps - Great ideas - So simple I feel like some of these should have been obvious from ages ago - So, more to try - Good for kids ( My youngest son will help) - Great learning for the whole family ! LOL -

  • Caroline Lontoc-Diaz

    This is as far as my green thumb will go

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