Canary lined streets

Georgengarten Hannover ,Germany

contrast- Thought the asphalt is dark, has a gravely texture, and flat, a vibrant yellow flower pops up from a crack drawing the eye to the center of the page as well as creating great contrast between the black, yellow, and shape of the flower.

Yellow leaf road

Beautiful image.



grey & yellow

Pink on the street

jacaranda trees

rainy days

Autumn in Wahington D.C

Fall / Image via: Lindsay Ocker #fall #autumn, Go To to get more Gossip News!

sunset tree, could me my next painting a tree project


tree heart

Looking up at the falling leaves.

Reminds me of the white birch trees in the fall, while growing up in NH-ME TOO in Conway, North Conway-The Saco River......

Quiet in the country

bench skyline