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This is what I want the underside to look like. Definitely subtle when my hair is down, but when it's up I want crazy bright hair!

This is definitely a good idea love the lil bit of black accents In the under layer. Can't wait for my hair to get long again. c: ♡

Blonde & black dyed hair. Very cool looking. I actually like this look very cool!!!

♥ love the colours though black is a little dark for me maybe something else. Try it next?

i like red hair a bit too much i think.

Hi I'm Angel, I'm 17 and I'm a rebel, a really big rebel and I am fun to be around I'm also Bi... dating Izabel

Since like over half of my hair was bleached, just need to take the color out and put in blue to get this ^_^

I kinda wanna do this. I am liking the pink, not sure if I could do though at my job..