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All dressed up and nowhere to go. Iguacu, Brazil.

Chameleon. They are famous for their ability to change color (a form of communication, a response to temperature, light, and mood, as well as a defense against predators). Their eyes can rotate and swivel independently, enabling them to see almost a complete 360-degrees or observe two things simultaneously. Their tongues can be as long as their bodies. Chameleons can even sleep upside down!

This is the next Chameleon that I would love if I'm successful with my veiled Chameleon. It's a Jackson's Chameleon!

Mountain Horned Dragon (Acanthosaura lepidogaster) by George Cruiser

(100+) Favorietenop | Tumblr

The Panther Chameleon (Furcifer pardalis) lives in the eastern and northern parts of Madagascar in a tropical forest biome.

lizards - The Conceptual Designers stayed awake nights Creating this Magnificent Lizardo...

" no do your chores?...dis what happens to YOU!!!!...." lol

Trioceros jacksonii (common names Jackson's Chameleon or Three-horned Chameleon) is an African chameleon belonging to the chameleon family (Chamaeleonidae).