this is good

Listening and showing you are there for someone is often more important than trying to find a "fix" for a problem. -- wish there were more people who practice this!

Couldn't have said it better

Couldn't have said it better if I tried. :)

Couldn't have said this any better.

So true. Constantly Adding to your 'assets' weighs down not only your time, but your thought life, flexibility, and your family life. Less really IS more.

If a quote could be sad and positive all at the same time... this one has done just that. ;)

Wise words to think of when thinking of giving up.



I definitely need to remember this

Train your mind to see the good in everything // love this

Positive thinking goes a long way.

Must remember this.


Used to tell my kids this all the time. You never know what someone else is going through when they treat you less than they should. Often it's their unhappiness about life coming out not their unhappiness in YOU!

Live Life!

so true

very true

Wise words.