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" One reason I find pictures inspiring is because you have some sort of connection with it. It might not be exactly right, but you see something about yourself in it." Katelyn Ketelaar.

**I scream, I scream, Yukel. We are the innocence of the scream. // Edmond Jabes

And I’d die for the truth In My Secret Life. - brooke shaden

fallen from flight by brookeshaden, via Flickr

Brook Shaden cuida siempre de todos los elementos en la escena. En unos casos las fotografías destacan por su simpleza y en otras por su horror vacuii. Lo que si es seguro es que cada imagen es un sueño retratado.

Brooke Shaden! This is yet another reason why I love Pinterest: learning about new artists (well, new to me, anyway!) Brooke's photographs are Evocative.

lets hang some flower girls for decoration!!!!!

a tree to climb by brookeshaden, via Flickr

This guy must have started the facebook profile pictures!! Empire State window washer/cameraman, 1936