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Ancient language mystery deepens

A linguistic mystery has arisen in Scotland, surrounding symbols on stones that predate the formation of the country itself.

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The Craw Stane, a 'Class I Pictish Symbol Stone', located to the south of the village of Rhynie in Aberdeenshire. This stone has a salmon and Kelpie (water elephant/Pictish beast) carved on it, however these are difficult to make out in this photo due to lichen growth.

Pictish woman warriors. The Picts were a group of early Mediaeval Celtic people, who would adorn themselves from head to toe in tattoos of ancient Pictish symbols.

Inchbrayock stone, back,, Montrose Museum,, Angus. The stone was found in the burial-ground of St Braoch's Church,

Pictish stone animals.

Scotland. A beautiful country rich in history that has been inhabited by humans for at least 12,800 years.

Pictish stone in the grounds of Elgin Cathedral, Scotland

The Picts are known chiefly for their elaborately but regularly decorated memorial stones found in profusion throughout eastern Scotland from Shetland to the Firth of Forth. However, much more is actually known about them than that.

Pictish Stone, Scotland, was a favorite place the stone is now indoor, not the fab view, but safe from the scottish rain

Pictish Stone at Eassie by Nigel's Best Pics, via Flickr

Pictish boat: St Orland's Stone - Hmmm... I wonder what the significance of the cut-out is....

Pictish stone with engraved symbols - According to recent discoveries, these pictures and symbols may actually be a written language: