stately delicacy

Daniela Ovtcharov

Rolf Armstrong (1889–1960)

First published in Player's Club Programme in 1926, this illustration by artist Wladyslaw Theodore Benda shows a young woman in a Medieval headpiece. The image was done in charcoal and watercolor. Polish-born Benda lived from 1873 to 1948 and worked as a graphic artist with his illustrations appearing in advertising, books and magazines.

Emily Soto | | Fairytale Fantasy Photography at: #princess #crown

Anna Brahms

Irresistible by Zoë Mozert (1930-1932)

A humanised version of her own character Lacy from the comic Lackadaisy by Tracy Butler. Tracy's work is so fantastic. I love to see her cats but her human portraits are stunning as well. I really, really love the colours and rendering in this one, especially in the hair and other small details.

Illustrations by Melanie Delon | Cuded

Married to the Sea . art print of woman in the sea painting

Beauty of the Day, Charles Bosseron Chambers

Anna and Elena Balbusso

Raphael Kirchner, Mermaids


Fantasy art - beautiful idea with the butterfly crown and the birdcage - it kind of reflects her empty expression.


Mermaid and the moon

Sofonisba Anguissola: Self portrait (1560)

Victor Nizovtsev

Down and Out Chic: Art: Jenny Liz Rome I like how the artist has used photography mixed with the drawing to make the composition different and interesting