this will be me on christmas day

Not cool. He didn't sign up for this. One eyed frog - aww, a victim of environmental mutations


shaded swing by sasener

Black Rain Frog - Breviceps fuscus - Native to South Africa - Is the 'Grumpy Cat' of the frog community.

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Photo manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception through analog or digital mean

Kung-fu fighter frog (Reinwardt's flying frog)

Frog - Ooohhhh.... I shouldn't have eaten that last dozen bugs!

Two frogs a-leaping: This pair of red-eyed tree frogs did their best to outdo each other with a height contest in Indonesia

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Photo of the day: a frog dancing ballet!Photo: Dion Feleo Bastian

~~Leapfrog: Jabba, pictured at the bottom of the tree frog stack, appears to be giving a lift to his two lazy friends Freddo and Kermit by Jay Town~~

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yes, sometimes even frogs are cute. I like tiny ones.

Bite me funny frog

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Alien Black-eyed Monkey Tree Frog-i think this may be my favorite frog picture yet...

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You can't rain on this frog's parade! Photographer Penkdix Palme caught this 2-inch tall tree frog shielding himself from the rain in Indonesia.