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Train Wreck: CloudHax - been reading all my Pins over night - I know Eddie was up stirring around all night - I personally don't know who this is. Guessing it is either Beatle Mania, where I live and/or Gary Bott. I do not know. Please ask Dave.

Women at the Champs Élysées, Paris, June 3rd 1906. [It's great to see how women held up those fashionably long skirts. It's something we know was done in real life, but is rarely documented.]


Steam Engine Train Car Crash

Steam Engine Train Car Crash. Newspaper press photographer's account of a horible head on train crash with an automobile. Photo probably dates to the early 1950's or perhaps as early as the 1940's.

In 1982, an Air Florida Boeing 727 plunges into the Potomac River in Washington, D.C., killing 78 people. The plane crashed into the 14th Street Bridge over the Potomac River.