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  • José Daniel Laguna

    Ramses II - XIX dynasty (Museo Egizio, Turin)

  • Deborah Bock

    Diorite Statue - Ramsés II: 1380 BC, Dynasty 19, 190 cm, Egyptian Museum of Turín.

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    Ramses II (c. 1303 BC – July or August 1213 BC) was the third pharaoh (reigned 1279 BC – 1213 BC) of the 19th dynasty. He is regarded as the greatest, most celebrated, and most powerful pharaoh of the Egyptian Empire. His successors called him the "Great Ancestor." Ramesses II led several military expeditions into the Levant, re-asserting Egyptian control over Canaan. He also led expeditions to the south, into Nubia, commemorated in inscriptions at Beit el-Wali and Gerf Hussein.

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Queen Nefertari playing Senet (tomb picture). New Kingdom, Ramesside. Dynasty 19, reign of Ramesses II, ca. 1279–1213 B.C.

Abu Simbel–1926 & today.Abu Simbel temples 2 massive rock temples in Abu Simbel,southern Egypt,near border with Sudan.On western bank of Lake Nasser,230km southwest of Aswan (about 300km by road).Twin temples originally carved out of mountainside during reign of Pharaoh Ramesses II in 13thC BC,as lasting monument to himself & Queen Nefertari to commemorate alleged victory at Battle of Kadesh.Complex relocated in entirety in 1968,on artificial hill made from domed structure,above Aswan reservoir.

Queen Meritamun was the royal daughter of Ahmose I & Ahmose Nefertari & the Great Royal Wife of her brother Amenhotep I, pharaoh in the 18th dynasty.

Even though only the titles and not the name of the queen are preserved on the rear pilaster, this piece has been identified as a statue of Meritamun, also known as the White Queen, a daughter of Ramesses II. On the death of Nefertari (some time after the twenty-first year of the pharaoh's reign) she took on the role of the Great Royal Wife.

Ivory Unguent Box of Queen Nefertari, New Kingdom, Ramesside, Dynasty 19, reign of Ramesses II, ca. 1279–1213

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Starry ceiling from the tomb of Nefertari

Abu Simbel Egypt temple of Ramses II's queen Nefertari

Statuary group representing the scribe Pendua and his wife Nefertari (limestone) found Deir el-Medina, Egypt.

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