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Tomato DIY: Pruning and Trellises

Homemade Trellis for the garden

Build a Teepee trellis - stakes and ropes. I think I'll do this for cucumbers, perhaps supporting the cukes with little hammocks


Growing Runner Beans

Build Support for Beans |Support is vital for these climbing plants. Build a wigwam from eight canes, ideally at least 7 ft (2.2 m) long, pushed firmly into the soil about 12 in (30 cm) apart, in a circle. Tie the canes securely at the top and again halfway down.

If you have a lot of tall prunings, save them to make a wigwam type support for sweet peas or climbing beans. Clumps of sweet peas have been planted around the base and will soon cover the structure with foliage and scented flowers.

This bean arch made from rebar supports twine and chicken wire for pole beans to climb. The concept is from the vegetable garden at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens vegetable display in Alabama, but it can be adapted to any home garden. Cucumbers would like this system, too. When fully covered, arches like this make a great garden house to the delight of children of all ages.


Vegetable Growing Guide

How to Grow Beans by marthastewart #Beans #Vegetable_Growing_Guide #marthastewart

Succulent, jelly bean plant, if the little leaves are broken off they grow new roots of their own. ;p