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    Fitness Motivational Quotes | Endorphins - Motivational quotes - Pictures - Women's Health & Fitness #fitness #fit #motivation #inspiration #fitspiration

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    Running quote

  • Jeremy Chin

    Every day gives you an opportunity to improve. With every run, you can try to be better. Not just a better runner, but a better person.

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Improve Running Form ... I could have used this a few weeks ago, when I started my running. The short stride thing really does help with endurance/distance.

Nothing clears your mind better than a run. Leave it all out on the road and come home feeling better.

Yessss - now when ppl ask me why, I'll show them this :D

I don't know if this is true, but I'm trying to get back in shape, so I'm going to go with it.

My running pace is going down, I'm yelling timber. I better move, I better RUN! ;P

34 ways to make you a better runner... this website is VERY informative and shed a little light on some problems I've been having.

30 ways to become a better runner. Try one each day and become stronger in a month!

Marine Corp Marathon - Countdown..... I am soooo proud of you both!!!

You know you're a runner when this is your diet (and if you run too, derp.) Now I just have to work on minimizing mac 'n cheese dinners & frozen pizzas...

I might argue with this one to some degree... I always feel better when I clean my house but most because I do that like a dang army major!

Even a bad run is better than no run. Sometimes, you just have to run through the bad to appreciate the good.