nice floors and ceiling. great contrast between slick marble and rustic wood.

Contemporary Hallway with Pendant light, Built-in bookshelf, Concrete floors

Interior Style File: Patterned Floors |



the only seriously considerable floor tile pattern for anyone : ) || certainly keeps things interesting!

So pretty

olive hues, mixed brass + marble, a striped marble floor...loving the contrast of colors + patterns in this gorgeous bar

This contemporary home is flawless, the way the spiral staircase twists its way down from the third floor, and with its steps protruding from the central beam it has the appearance of a spine.


gray + white + light wood floors + beautiful light Jen Langston Interiors

The 'Hungarian Point' pattern of the oak kitchen floor has been matched in marble for the larder floor, and the divide between the two marked with a brass strip.

Floor in Basècle with white marble

Floors Patterned Marble Photos


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