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    Christmas Tree made with frosting, ice cream cone and skittles. What a better idea than a ginger bread house. It probably tastes better too. Must try this Christmas.

    Instead of gingerbread houses (which are WAY hard): Turn ice cream cones into christmas trees & decorate. Love it! So doing this!

    Instead of gingerbread houses: Turn ice cream cones into Christmas trees & decorate. Much easier for preschoolers!

    Kid Christmas craft, using water cooler cones. Cute!

    Christmas Party Games - 18 games (that look like a lot of fun)

    Mini gingerbread houses, perfect for the kiddos. Blog has template and recipe.

    Gingerbread party! Everyone gets a homemade graham cracker house and ice cream cone tree! I think kids would love this! Family time? Lots of fun things you could use to decorate with. Let the fun begin ♥

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    Ice cream cone Christmas cupcake trees

    I've wanted this t shirt for about 5 years now...Little Miss Christmas T-Shirt By Junk Food

    Gonna Make These For My Gingerbread House This Year ! Totally Cute!

    Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree Craft. Place all items in a bowl, give a dixie cup of frosting and knife to each kid and let them decorate

    Kid Made Sugar Cone Christmas Tree Treat - not sure which is more fun, the decorating or the eating!

    Cinnamon Roll Christmas tree on Christmas morning.... gotta remember this. Use your favorite canned cinnamon rolls. 2 cans of 8. Make the icing green!

    Instead of a gingerbread house, have your little kid decorate a Christmas tree. Frost an ice cream cone with green-dyed frosting and decorate with candy.

    Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees Create pint-sized Christmas trees that are perfect for little hands. Turn sugar ice cream cones upside down, cover with green frosting and have your little elves decorate with candies and sprinkles to create an edible craft that is just as fun to eat as it is to make. Check out these easy to make edible Christmas crafts for kids!


    A Not-So-Silent Night - fun family games to play when you get together for Christmas!

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