I'm pinning this SOLELY to correct this abomination: #6 and #8 are completely what gives thrift stores a bad name. I don't even have words...

Just got a $5 chair just like this at a yard sale. Definitely going to use these tips!

Great tips and ideas about living on less ... pinning now to explore later

Great site with lots of tips for living frugally... no matter how much $ you make. Pin now read later.

How To Save Money On Groceries - Without Coupons

Love frequenting Craigslist. She has some great tips that I had no idea about... seriously mind-blowing. Check it out.. no joke.

44 (really great!) tips to live a frugal life.

They say it's hard for a family to live on one income. They're wrong! Come along with me as I show you how I, a single SAHM, live pretty DARN good!

7 Tips For Living On One Income-7 things our family did that enabled us to live on one income. money saving tips

10" x 11" wooden sign This whimsical sign has black lettering on a turquoise background. distressed/weathered finish Custom orders welcome!

From searching out a great location to check out learn the ins and outs of Goodwill shopping. (make sure to read part 2 the dressing room and part 3 savings at the checkout to get all the great tips out of this series)

10 Easy Steps to a Better Resume - wish I could share this with the people who apply for jobs at my office.

thrifting tips

Successfully Selling on Craigslist: like the ultimate online garage sale!


Great tips to save money on all your online purchases - how to find coupons, get secret rebates and more!

Want more money to spend on the stuff you LOVE?? It is easy when you spend less on the stuff you do not love. Check out over 200 easy ways to save money. Frugal Living Mom has the answers for you. #savemoney

How to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck

Money-Saving Tips From the Amish Lifestyle - How you can apply some of the money-saving tips of the Amish to your life to help you save money.

Homemade Goo Gone Recipe